Company and society

GC "Promresource" together with TC "Europe" employ more than 8 000 full time employees. Our employees play the most important role in our company and are our most valuable resource.

Teamwork is our strong point!
Only by everyone working together will we be able to completely satisfy our customers.
We know that if we want to have satisfied customers, we must retain employees who are happy.
We work every day to provide the best possible service for our customers.


Selling goods of only the highest quality
Our stores only stock fully licensed goods and those which have been handled in the most sanitary conditions.


Innovation and the constant generation of new ideas
Key to our long term survival is a continuous flow of innovative ideas. Many of these come from our own staff. We believe that in order to stay ahead of the competition, we must continuously implement these new ideas.


GC "Promresource" is engaged in charitable activities, regularly appropriates funds for the repair and construction of hospitals, schools, kindergartens and other socially significant facilities.
The company appropriates tens of millions rubles for charitable purposes.



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